President and Master Coach
Marty has owned and operated 14 companies, across industries from software to restaurants, audio production to marketing – he is an expert at business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

Marty works with entrepreneurs to conquer adversity, transform their performance and achieve their ultimate vision of success, in business and life.


Master Coach
A new coach who has recently joined the Evolve team, Trisha is a parent of four and a multiple business owner. She has first-hand experience with the difficulties of pursuing and sustaining success in both life‌ ‌and‌ ‌business.

Trisha helps entrepreneurs find clarity, momentum and practical growth strategies for their business while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

Trisha Miltimore


Client Support Specialist
A born and raised Calgarian with a passion for training and support, Alicia has a diverse background that ranges from supporting Partners in the AIR MILES Reward Program, running the apparel department at Holt Renfrew and selling out the plush mountain at the Disney Store. She brings the ability to coordinate and execute on multiple tasks with high standards and attention to detail.

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Marketing Strategist
Backed by seven years of post-secondary education in marketing and communications, Liz specializes in marketing strategy, social media and writing. Her professional background spans from oil and gas to higher education, and even freelancing with a variety of entrepreneurs across Canada. She has a knack for strategy, creative problem-solving and project management.

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Content Creator/Social Media Specialist
A freelance designer and content creator with a passion for writing, Keena is skilled in graphic design, video editing and animation. She is very passionate about social media for business and bringing a brand’s story to life through the written word, digital animation and design. Through our new client social program, Keena is here to help you communicate and engage with your market.

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Human Resources Specialist
From her forward-thinking ideas to her dedication, Nadine’s passion for Human Resources is unsurpassed. Nadine has a BBA in Human Resource Management from NAIT and has consulted with local municipalities and top consulting firms. ​Nadine is ready and available to help support you in the areas of policy and handbook development, payroll, recruitment, and onboarding.

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Evolve Business Group is a business coaching, advising and training company focused on the growth and performance for driven entrepreneurs. We understand because we’ve been there too. Our passion for helping you realize your vision, comes from being in your shoes. The coaches and advisors at Evolve have all been business owners who have a strong understanding of what is needed to drive performance and growth in people and organizations.

We know the struggles of business ownership firsthand.

This is not academia — our proven tactics have been successfully tried and tested in the field. We combine practical techniques with impactful strategies to grow leaders and their companies. Evolve has worked with over 485 businesses and over 1450 team members in industries ranging from retail to energy to manufacturing.

It starts with people.

Our philosophy is that any business can move from being good to great with the right tactics, strategies and, critically, implementation. We know that it’s the people in a business — the leaders and theirs teams, that hold the key to that evolution.
Through hands-on coaching and training, we ensure that action and accountability are in place to cultivate a dynamic and purposeful organization.


“We got more ideas on different lead generation strategies, we got solutions on how to handle both telephone and diagnostic objections and we even put in some practice on the trip home, to hone our skills. It was a fantastic pick-me-up, much needed and well worth the time and effort. (Evolve) provided great motivation, was a superb facilitator and trainer and I’m very glad I attended.”

Kiwi Marshall A.I.

“Twenty of our management team attended a two-day “From the Peak” Leadership series that Evolve custom planned and facilitated for our museum. We were highly impressed by Evolve’s pre-session meetings with our organization; they really took the time to get to know us both institutionally and personally. Their innate understanding of organizational concerns, and the intuitive grasp of business issues help identify sessions that provided great impact in a short time frame.”

Lynn McShane
Glenbow Museum

“The ideas and insight you gave me in how to plan and market my business were excellent. I had not looked at my business that way before and the time I now take planning each week is already starting to show dividends. I found your approach to selling very refreshing and motivating. I am now back in my business with a new confidence and organization.”

Jon Armstrong
Real Estate

“I looked forward to those meetings. I was able to feel comfort and assurance talking with my ‘coach’ who was also a CEO and who thus understood many of the things I was going through. I knew that your counsel was based on sound experience, not just textbook. You provided good guidance into what you saw was working and not working in our process. We have a much healthier and constructive group now. I am a better CEO today and Titan is a better company through your help.”

Greg McGillis
Titan Logix


Change is both an art and a science: an openness to new ideas, a framework for collective growth, adopting new skills, setting goals–but sustainable transformation comes when the team adopts the reinvention and you begin to see results. The Evolve transformation is personal for leaders and team members. It is global in its effect on your company’s bottom line.



In order to be a leader in your marketplace it requires calculated innovation, market feedback and a drive to systemize the best experience. Focused Leadership is a way of operating daily in order to create something competitors can’t duplicate. Through coaching and training we show you how to step up and stand out.

The development and growth of your company is not just about revenues and profits but also the personal growth of owners, managers and the team. It is about finding a larger vision and shared purpose; and then executing a pragmatic plan to make those goals a reality with all stakeholders winning.