The success of any business starts with you, the owner — it’s your dream after all. Clients’ visions and goals range from world domination, to early retirement, to creating a profitable business that can run without you. It’s your ability to grow as a leader, to identify the challenges or obstacles in the business but most importantly, reach out when you need support.

A business coach provides that support, but also direct guidance — devising strategy, tactical execution in the company, and creating accountability. You will gain new perspective, more confidence in how to run your business and improved life integration and owner satisfaction. Your coach is your advocate but also your partner.



​At the age of 21, while most students were neck-deep in homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company with eight staff members on payroll. Since then, Marty has owned and operated 14 companies across industries from software to restaurants, audio production to marketing — he has become an expert in business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

On top of being an accomplished entrepreneur, Marty is a husband, a father, and an award-winning business coach that has been involved in the launch, growth, restructuring or financing of a multitude of companies internationally. He works with clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance and achieve their ultimate vision of success, in business and life.

As a serial entrepreneur and veteran business coach, Marty has a roadmap of strategies, ideas and specific actions that can help anyone create a better business and a better life. His approach is real, relevant, and the tools and tips he shares are purposeful and immediately implementable.



​Trisha is a dynamic business coach, wife, mother of four and multiple business owner with first-hand experience in the difficulties and privileges in pursuing your passion, and what it takes to sustain that passion for success in life and business.

Involved with the family music business since toddlerhood, Trisha opened her own brick and mortar retail store at the age of 24 and quickly realized powerful entrepreneur truths: 1) It’s harder than you think. 2) It’s more about doing than strategizing. 3) You are not your business.

Trisha effectively empowers clients towards momentum and success because she offers insight and inspiration from her varied experience as a retail, service and manufacturing business owner. Her coaching framework has helped business owners get out of their own way, improve their leadership skills faster, cohesively scale their business and to engineer a fulfilling work/life experience.

Coaching Programs

Our Coaching Programs Include:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Take Aim Analysis
  3. Strategic Assessment
  4. Coaching mentor advisory consultations start
  5. Critique of your processes and services
  6. Supplier/customer consultations
  7. Business strategies under the topics of:
    sales, marketing, strategic planning, systems, team support,
    personal growth, goal setting and accountability & execution.


Through support, strategy and feedback, the Evolve coach helps the business owner or entrepreneur overcome existing issues, and devise a plan to achieve your goals. Every coaching program is unique to each client and organization. Most want better performance from every person and resource. Nearly all want more fun back in their daily work and more money in their pockets. They want to be at the top of their game and some want to grow so they can sell and move on.

Our coaches work with owners and executive teams to establish those strategic plans and then bring them down to an executable, tactical level. This ‘closing the gap’ from high level strategic to daily tactical execution is where Evolve stands out as an organization.



We help successful, established entrepreneurs formulate a larger vision for their business and their life.
Most of our clients have been in business for years and they are looking to streamline, grow, scale and take their businesses to the next level and break through their ceilings. Evolve clients want more.

Our coaches can help you:

* Identify underlying issues that cause symptomatic challenges *
* Develop and prioritize effective business growth strategies *
* Expand and cultivate leadership and communication skills *
* Increase overall organizational focus and alignment *
* Improve the impact of sales and marketing efforts *
* Create and strengthen company culture *
* Make better ‘people’ decisions*


In a rowing crew, the coxswain is the member who sits in the stern facing the bow. The coxswain is responsible for steering the boat, and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers.


Just as in business, the owner, much like the coxswain, steers the boat but does not row. Are you busy rowing instead of guiding your crew? Do you have the right rowers in your boat? Are you stuck in shallow water and not moving?


Coaching is paramount to getting you to finish line. We provide the map and tools to help you make sure you are effective in your role and life.

Coaching is paramount to getting you to finish line.