Sales are the drumbeat of a company. When sales are down, every area of a company feels the stress and strain, but when sales are up, business owners have options and are positioned to grow and scale.



You are struggling to motivate yourself and your team.

You are confident in all areas of your business, except selling.

Your sales were hit hard in the last year and you’re not sure how to recover.

​You are struggling to grow your business because you don’t have a strong sales system in place.

If these statements resonate with you, you’re not alone.
​Most business owners struggle with selling.

Now, more than ever, our selling skills are critical to the success of our businesses and our bottom line. This engaging and upbeat sales program will overhaul how you think about selling and help you surpass your sales targets.


the curriculum of the art and science of selling


“I’m so happy I took this program! The Art & Science of Selling helped me get a solid foundation and build a measurable system and sales process for my company. I learned quickly that I have been in the dark about sales for far too long. I am a digital marketing agency owner and an avid reader of business development books but I’ve never seen or even heard of some of the simple yet practical sales methodologies that Marty clearly has down to a science. Marty is a sales Jedi! Be prepared to drop your ego and get to work. Each module of this course literally fired me up. Extremely valuable for any business owner, sales professional, or marketer.”

Corey, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

“From the first lesson, I knew this was the best sales training I have ever seen. Really. And over the last 38 years, I have seen a lot. The Art and Science of Selling by Marty Park and Evolve Business Group transformed my approach more than any other. It taught me how to be a salesperson who ‘leads, guides and helps’ clients and potential clients. The methodology in this program empowered and invigorated me and as a result, I do a better job of selling, and I actually look forward to it! I highly recommend the course for any entrepreneur or sales professional. Take the course—you will come away better for it!”

Brad, Portfolio Manager

“After just the second module, I put into practice what I had learned, and I made $3,000 in one day! In the past, I did so much sales training—I actually just got confused on what advice to follow. This program has laid it all out in such an easy-to-understand format. I was glued to my computer throughout the entire program. Marty has so much expertise and experience—he takes incredibly difficult topics and boils them down with such ease. This kind of clarity only comes with mastery and Marty is clearly a master of selling. For every dollar, I spent on this training program I’ve gotten hundreds back in return. There’s no question in my mind that anyone in sales can benefit from this program.”

Kim, Aviation Services Business Owner

“The Art and Science of Selling, instructed by Marty Park, was fantastic and really helped me learn the ins and outs of being the best salesperson I can be. He taught me how to take your lead to a customer, and all the way to a raving fan. The course reviews how to price your product based on its value and how to deliver the product to your prospects. The information is delivered in a smooth format that really helps you understand the concepts. I definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their sales skills or new business owners who need to build out and sell a new product!”

Dalal, Sales & Marketing Manager


This program was personally developed by Marty Park, owner and founder of Evolve Business Group and the award winning, bestselling author of ​Tiger by the Tail, 99 Secrets to Tame and Master Your Business.

As a 14x business owner, sales trainer and sales keynote speaker, Marty has been delivering custom sales training programs for over 15 years.

Here’s what you can expect in this brand-new, sales training program:

  • Video sales training with one of Canada’s top sales trainers
  • On-demand video based training that fits your busy life and schedule
  • Eight training modules designed to engage, enlighten and educate
  • Video lectures, plus a workbook and quizzes to keep you on track
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the program
Marty Park
Tiger by the tail



Based on results from our existing clients, we think you are going to love this program. Yet, we realize it might not be a fit for everyone. At Evolve, we believe you should only pay for the things that actually help you get results. So, if you complete the full course, including all exercises and videos, and within 60 days of completion, not seen demonstrable results in your business, we will refund you the cost of the course.

Simply put, we believe in these programs. But we cannot do the work for you. We’ve done our part to create and continually improve our content, we know it offers entrepreneurs the tools they need to start making dramatic improvements in their business.

If you put in the work and go through the process we’ve outlined, we are confident you will experience new ideas, tactics and ways to improve your business. But, if for any reason you don’t gain value from this program, just shoot us an email at bigresults@evolvebusinessgroup.com and we will provide you personal support and/or refund your purchase.