The New Psychology of Selling

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have real-life interactions and develop relationships with the prospects they sell to. This is not another digital funnel-building course!

The Art & Science of Selling

Radically overhaul how you approach selling, grow your confidence and get the results you need!

Here's what you can expect inside this exciting program.

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Master your mindset

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Define pricing and value

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Attract more leads

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Grow your confidence


Sales Mindset

How you think about selling will make or break your results! If you want to be successful in sales, nothing is more important than your mindset. This first lesson will change how you think about selling forever!


Pricing & Value

Let’s break down the factors that go into your price, get more comfortable with communicating your prices, and create a greater sense of value around your offering. Then, discover how to deliver that value to your prospects.


Your Offer & Process

We show you how to position your product or service in a way that will maximize the value for your prospects and create a seamless selling process that ensures mutual success.


Lead Generation

Without a steady and reliable stream of new leads, there is no one to sell to! We explore proven strategies, tips and new creative ideas that will help make your lead generation process much easier and more fruitful.


Presenting Products, Services & Creating Experience

Discover how you can create an experience that is both engaging and entertaining, that will compel your prospects to take action. Make it fun to buy from you and learn how to delight your buyers, every time!


Bumps, Objections and Negotiating

Don’t lead prospects down a dead end! Learn to identify and work through the objections that people have in your selling process. Then, reposition those concerns into positive steps forward.


CRM, KPI, & Sales Pipeline

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall! By tracking meaningful data, you uncover valuable insights to achieve your desired results. Learn the metrics that you need to measure, how to track them, and the tech you need in an intelligent selling process.


Course Summary & Certification

Sales is a practice and an art form. This final lesson brings together all key learnings and helps ingrain them into your psyche so you can practice your new sales skills every day.

Resources and Tools Included

Facebook Group

Ask questions and chat with Marty and other sales professionals inside our exclusive Facebook Group

Video Lessons

Work your way through all eight video lessons when it works for you, on your schedule, at your own pace.


The assignments in each module will ensure you’re fully grasping the materials and staying on track.


Each module ends with a short quiz to test your knowledge of key learning objectives.

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We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction.

Based on results from our existing clients, we know you are going to love this program. Yet, we realize it might not be a fit for everyone. At Evolve, we believe you should only pay for the things that actually help you get results. 

If you complete the full course, including all exercises and videos, and within 60 days of completion, not seen demonstrable results in your business, we will refund you the cost of the course.

What People Are Saying About The Art & Science of Selling

Free Sales Training 12
“I learned quickly that I have been in the dark about sales for far too long. I am a digital marketing agency owner and an avid reader of business development books but I've never seen or even heard of some of the simple yet practical sales methodologies that Marty clearly has down to a science.”
Corey Hayes
CEO & Head of Growth at Get X Media
“After just the second module, I put into practice what I learned, and I made $3,000 in one day! I did so much sales training in the past that I was actually confused about what advice to follow. This program is laid out in such an easy-to-understand format. I was glued to my computer throughout the entire program.”
Free Sales Training 14
Kimberly Lysak
Founder of Advancing Aviation
"From the first lesson, I knew this was the best sales training I have ever seen. Really. And over the last 38 years, I have seen a lot. The Art and Science of Selling by Marty Park and Evolve Business Group transformed my approach more than any other."
Free Sales Training 16
Bradley Moore, CFA
SAGE Connected Investing

Purchase The Art & Science of Selling within the next 48 hours and get a 25% discount with code “LAUNCH25″

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Marty Park is a serial entrepreneur and veteran sales trainer. He has delivered sales training programs to professionals all over Canada, The United States, Australia and the UK.

Marty is a third-generation sales professional with 27 years of selling experience — selling is in his DNA. Over the last 16 years, he has perfected his in-person sales training programs and adapted them for an online audience.

No matter the country, no matter the product or service, the human element of selling is universal.

The Art & Science of Selling will change how you think about selling, forever — and help you get the results you need in your business.

Purchase The Art & Science of Selling within the next 48 hours and get a 25% discount with code “LAUNCH25″

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Use Discount Code "LAUNCH25"