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5 Shifts for high-performing, service-based entrepreneurs to create authentic, confident brands with a proven model for business & revenue growth.

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Here's What You'll Learn

Learn how to determine your personal value, the value of your product or service, and enhance your ability to sell with a confident mindset while solving your customers problems.

The step-by-step process our clients use to grow their business and boost what they take home, while having more time, energy and hours to spend with the people they love.

The secret my clients use so they can choose to work with only the clients they love... the ones that will pay premium prices for their service/product and are the great for their business... without fear of having to take on “bad” clients.

How to grow your company indefinitely overcoming the barrier that most entrepreneurs run into that limits their success without spending a bunch of money.

How my clients out-compete their competition to be the go-to person in their industry, so clients choose them for their brand... and buy from consistently.

How my clients develop a team of regular people that do an extraordinary job of servicing clients, delivering their product or service and making life easy for the business owner.

How my clients feel in control of their business every day instead of feeling like they’re at the mercy of the market, so they show up 100% present when they spend time with their loved ones.

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About The Creator, Marty Park

Marty Park is a serial entrepreneur. When most 21-year-olds were studying for university exams, Marty was running his first business with three staff on the payroll.   

With 13 companies owned across seven different industries, Marty has gained a breadth of experience in business ownership, unknown to most entrepreneurs out there. Six years ago, he turned his focus to helping other entrepreneurs find their way to success. Today, through his business coaching practice, Marty has spent over 16,000 hours coaching more than 673 high-performance entrepreneurs and has helped launch, grow, and restructure hundreds of companies internationally.

Business ownership can be a wild ride, with no guarantees and no manual.  Join Marty for this incredible free training and learn the secrets of one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs and business coaches. 

Business Coach & Entrepreneur.  Leadership & Sales Trainer.  Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

Marty’s Book, Tiger By The Tail, 99 Secrets to Tame and Master Your Business, was a number one best-selling book on Amazon and received the Kopps Featherling Silver Award winner in business. 

tiger by the tail book

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