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For over 20 years, Evolve Business Group has been helping established entrepreneurs and business owners achieve dramatic business goals.

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The success of any business starts with you, the owner - it’s your dream after all.

Clients’ visions and goals range from world domination, to early retirement, to creating a profitable business that can run without you. It’s your ability to grow as a leader, to identify the challenges or obstacles in the business but most importantly, reach out when you need support.

Our business coaches provide support, direct guidance, devise tactical execution strategies, and create accountability. You will gain new perspectives and enhance confidence in how to run your business and your life. Your coach is your advocate but also your partner.


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Meet Your New Business Coach


Marty Park

Marty Park is a lifelong, serial entrepreneur. At the age of twenty-one, while most students were neck-deep in homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company with eight staff members on the payroll. Since then, Marty has owned and operated thirteen companies in industries including software, audio production, food service, franchises and marketing. Along the way, he’s become an expert in business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

As an award-winning business coach, Marty believes that to grow your business, you must grow and improve the people within it. Marty has worked with hundreds of clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance, and achieve their ultimate vision of success. Through his coaching work, Marty has helped launch, grow, and restructure hundreds of companies internationally.

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Trisha Miltimore

Trisha is a wife, a mother of four, AND a multiple business owner — she knows the challenges involved in building a business while balancing a family and personal life.

Involved with the family music business since toddler-hood, Trisha opened her first retail business at the age of 24 and has gone on to own and operate service-based and manufacturing business.

Trisha’s super power is helping clients engineer their ideal lifestyle while actively growing their business and teams in a way that serves both people and profits.

What You Get in Your Business Coaching Program

After years of delivery and refinement, here is the formula we have perfected. Your coaching program will be customized for you. It will utilize our exclusive business frameworks to grow and improve every aspect of your company and your performance. 



We start with a deep dive into all aspects of your business, your leadership, your challenges and your opportunities. We want to get to know you, and your company.  Gathering and understanding these insights is the key to a strong start.



Once we understand where your business is today and where you want to go in the future (world domination to growth and freedom), we build the plan, strategies and tactics to get you there. Only with clear plans can greatness be achieved.  



Through regular coaching meetings, we help you implement our strategies into your business, your skills and your life.  We track your progress and guide you through each step.  We are there to support you through formal meetings and informal calls, texts and emails.



Beyond coaching, we also help clients where they need it — in execution.  New strategies and tactics are often uncharted territory.  Our team is here to support you and help you and your team do the work.  This collaboration accelerates what we accomplish.

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What Clients Are Saying

“We got more ideas on different lead generation strategies, we got solutions on how to handle both telephone and diagnostic objections and we even put in some practice on the trip home, to hone our skills. It was a fantastic pick-me-up, much needed and well worth the time and effort. (Evolve) provided great motivation, was a superb facilitator and trainer and I’m very glad I attended.”

Kiwi Marshall A.I., UK

“Twenty of our management team attended a two-day “From the Peak” Leadership series that Evolve custom planned and facilitated for our museum. We were highly impressed by Evolve’s pre-session meetings with our organization; they really took the time to get to know us both institutionally and personally. Their innate understanding of organizational concerns, and the intuitive grasp of business issues help identify sessions that provided great impact in a short time frame.”

Lynn McShane, Glenbow Museum

“The ideas and insight you gave me in how to plan and market my business were excellent. I had not looked at my business that way before and the time I now take planning each week is already starting to show dividends. I found your approach to selling very refreshing and motivating. I am now back in my business with a new confidence and organization.”

Jon Armstrong, Real Estate

“I looked forward to those meetings. I was able to feel comfort and assurance talking with my ‘coach’ who was also a CEO and who thus understood many of the things I was going through. I knew that your counsel was based on sound experience, not just textbook. You provided good guidance into what you saw was working and not working in our process. We have a much healthier and constructive group now. I am a better CEO today and Titan is a better company through your help.”

Greg McGillis, Titan Logix