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For over 20 years, Evolve Business Group has been helping established entrepreneurs and business owners achieve dramatic business goals though our business training programs.

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A killer vision for success is a good start, but a strategic and unified approach is a must.

Learning, training, and accountability ensures that you and your team are working together and measuring progress to deliver the desired results.

​”Yesterday’s goal setting training day was fantastic! That was one of the most enjoyable, educational, and motivational seminars that I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I sincerely appreciate being able to attend and participate. I’m really looking forward to the next training day in February.”


Training Workshops


Leadership Selling

Lead the client. Lead your company. Lead the industry. This proven sales and business development system teaches your team how to consistently outperform their peers and achieve top sales results through differentiation and leadership. The old sales paradigm is a barrier to success. Leadership Selling training brings forth a new cooperative and more experience-focused approach. Transform your leadership methods and ditch the stigma of being a “salesperson”.  Leadership Selling establishes a new adage, “lead, guide and help — don’t just sell.”  It is the proven path to top sales performance in any industry.

Service Titans

This customer experience and service training program establishes a standard for your organizational team at every point of customer interaction. It starts with creating a culture and environment of service, hospitality and innovation. Titans then guide service personnel through the key elements of service perception, delivery and consistency. It demonstrates the positive impact of superior service for the company and for service personnel directly. Service Titans sets a new standard that delights customers and grows your market share.

Elevated Leadership

Many people are promoted to positions that exceed their skillsets in leading, motivating, and directing teams. Focused on business owners and management teams, Elevated Leadership training looks at practical, effective methods to demonstrate leadership in everyday situations. It’s in all of the little moments that true leadership is seen and felt by teams. Big speeches don’t impact most teams. Leadership Training teaches you how to win over your team and give them small moments of guidance and strength every day.

Goal Setting

So many people are tasked with setting goals and objectives but few people have a framework to make that successful. Goal setting is often filled with pressure, guilt and doubt. Our proven methodologies lead participants to positive goal setting and teach them the tools to pursue them with confident self-talk and outstanding results.

Mindset Development

The largest barrier to individual’s performance and success — at work and in their lives — is their existing mindset. This training program allows participants to evaluate their current mindset and paradigm, and move them to new, effective frameworks to boost performance and enjoyment. To maximize the abilities of each individual and the team as a unit, setting the mindset for success is a fundamental necessity.

What Clients Are Saying

“We got more ideas on different lead generation strategies, we got solutions on how to handle both telephone and diagnostic objections and we even put in some practice on the trip home, to hone our skills. It was a fantastic pick-me-up, much needed and well worth the time and effort. (Evolve) provided great motivation, was a superb facilitator and trainer and I’m very glad I attended.”

Kiwi Marshall A.I., UK

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“Twenty of our management team attended a two-day “From the Peak” Leadership series that Evolve custom planned and facilitated for our museum. We were highly impressed by Evolve’s pre-session meetings with our organization; they really took the time to get to know us both institutionally and personally. Their innate understanding of organizational concerns, and the intuitive grasp of business issues help identify sessions that provided great impact in a short time frame.”

Lynn McShane, Glenbow Museum

“The ideas and insight you gave me in how to plan and market my business were excellent. I had not looked at my business that way before and the time I now take planning each week is already starting to show dividends. I found your approach to selling very refreshing and motivating. I am now back in my business with a new confidence and organization.”

Jon Armstrong, Real Estate

“I looked forward to those meetings. I was able to feel comfort and assurance talking with my ‘coach’ who was also a CEO and who thus understood many of the things I was going through. I knew that your counsel was based on sound experience, not just textbook. You provided good guidance into what you saw was working and not working in our process. We have a much healthier and constructive group now. I am a better CEO today and Titan is a better company through your help.”

Greg McGillis, Titan Logix

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