More Revenue, Less Work Hours, and Accelerated Business Growth is My Promise to You.

Marty Park

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Leverage 27 years of business ownership experience and stop the trial and error approach.

With 13 companies owned across 7 different industries, a business owner since age 21, and over 16,000 hours coaching 643 high-performance entrepreneurs, I know that growing a company is critically linked to growing and improving the people within it. Like a great sports team, talent only takes you so far and then synergy, common goals and vision need to guide companies higher.

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#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Tiger by the Tail, 99 Secrets To Tame And Master Your Business is available now.

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It’s time to take back control and bring the fun back into your business. Yes, it is possible!

Gain the tools, strategies, and confidence you need to accelerate your personal and professional future.

How Can Business Coaching Help You?

These are the most common challenges that we tackle head-on with business owners.

More Free Time

With a greater focus on team development systems and my proven methods to leverage time, we'll create space and freedom for you.

Team Synergy

Let's work to upskill your current team, add performance metrics, develop a strong culture and hire key players to hone a winning team.

Increase Revenue

Want to close more sales? Together we can set new pricing options and implement cash controls to help you increase your revenue.

Business Growth

To help you attract new business we will concentrate on differentiation, key messaging, lead generation, and funnel conversions.

What You Get in Your Business Coaching Program

After years of delivery and refinement, here is the formula we have perfected. Your coaching program will be customized for you. It will utilize our exclusive business frameworks to grow and improve every aspect of your company and your performance. 



We start with a deep dive into all aspects of your business, your leadership, your challenges and your opportunities. We want to get to know you, and your company.  Gathering and understanding these insights is the key to a strong start.



Once we understand where your business is today and where you want to go in the future (world domination to growth and freedom), we build the plan, strategies and tactics to get you there. Only with clear plans can greatness be achieved.  



Through regular coaching meetings, we help you implement our strategies into your business, your skills and your life.  We track your progress and guide you through each step.  We are there to support you through formal meetings and informal calls, texts and emails.



Beyond coaching, we also help clients where they need it — in execution.  New strategies and tactics are often uncharted territory.  Our team is here to support you and help you and your team do the work.  This collaboration accelerates what we accomplish.

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You Are In Good Company...

"Honestly, Marty understands starting and running a business. I find this book an easy read and easy to move to a chapter that is effecting you right at this moment. This is a book all business owners, managers should just keep on their desk and use it as a reminder, a go-to and with Marty’s wit and giggle or two. Read, use and never let it go.”

Kiwi Marshall A.I., UK

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“What a great resource for every entrepreneur and business person. It’s obvious Marty Park has learned a lot on his journey, and makes that super practical wisdom very easy to digest and apply immediately. I could not recommend this book highly enough!”

Lynn McShane, Glenbow Museum

"From day one, I was blown away by how actionable the coaching from Marty was. Immediately, I was able to implement small changes that lead to big changes in how I organized my day, interacted with my colleagues and addressed internal and external deadlines. I was skeptical going into my first session as I didn’t want an advisor that would spend the whole time discussing the theoretical and philosophical aspects of leadership and wasn’t able to bring it back to earth. Marty hit the nail on the head, forcing me to think about the leader I want to be and providing actionable steps to start being that leader TODAY" -

- Maxwell Stanley, Symed

“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to connect with Marty for a discovery call, not really knowing what to expect exactly, I came away feeling emotional and totally able to achieve serious levels of greatness in the not too distant future. Finding the right coach and mentor can do wonders for your business and until now, there's been no one I have gelled within this way before. Someone who I have connected with instantly and who didn't judge me for being open. I have come away with a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities and my offering and a plan for growing my business to meet my short-term goals. If you are yet to say yes to a discovery call, I wouldn't hesitate for another moment as it'll be the best time you have ever invested in yourself. Thank you, Marty, for putting the wind back in my sails.”

- Suzie Parkus


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