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With 13 companies owned across 7 different industries, a business owner since age 21, and over 16,000 hours coaching 643 high-performance entrepreneurs, Marty knows growing a business takes vision, tenacity and a solid plan for success. Find out how Marty can help you grow your business today!


Dear Business Builder,

If you’re reading this, you have big plans and you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Right now, your business is making decent money, but you want more. I bet you’d like to double or even triple your revenue, and you don’t want that to take ten years! 

Don’t hide your ambition anymore. We both know, there are secrets and strategies that will help you build your business, fast! I want to help you get there.

Business owners come to me when they are tired of the stress, long hours, lost opportunities, slow growth, high employee turnover and unhappy customers. 

You started your business because you’re a high performer. But now, you feel stuck and the efforts you’re putting in are not sustainable. You need a new approach.

But don’t worry, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you.

Just like an experienced contractor will save you a ton of time and money versus attempting to learn all the trades and taking on a project yourself, a business coach does the same for you and your business. 

I’m not a cheerleader who’s going to make you jump up and down and chant mantras. I’m going to analyze your business from every angle and apply my proven growth models and tactics to solve your business problems and accelerate your growth. 

In the last year, many of my clients have doubled and even tripled their revenue and profit and the owners themselves have gone from working 80 hour weeks to 40 hour weeks. Check out our case studies here.

These are the results you came here looking for. 

If you’re serious about growing your business, without the heavy slog of trial and error, and you want to increase revenue, grow more efficiently, all while working fewer hours, then we should talk. 

Take advantage of my free 1-hour strategy session (valued at $500) where we can analyze the problems that are plaguing your business and develop a clear path forward. 

There is zero obligation and I guarantee you’ll learn something on this call to help you grow your business.


How Can Business Coaching Help You?

These are the most common challenges that I tackle head-on with business owners.

More Free Time

With a greater focus on team development systems and my proven methods to leverage time, we'll create space and freedom for you.

Increase Revenue

Want to close more sales? Together we can set new pricing options and implement cash controls to help you increase your revenue.

Business Growth

To help you attract new business we will concentrate on differentiation, key messaging, lead generation, and funnel conversions.

Team Synergy

Let's work to upskill your current team, add performance metrics, develop a strong culture and hire key players to hone a winning team.

Real People. Real Businesses. Real Results.

Skincare Manufacturer

In just 18 months of coaching.

Electrical Services Company

Across 5 years, a recession and COVID.

Content Marketing Business

In just 2 years of coaching.

Construction Business

In less than one year of coaching.

Does Your Business Meet The Criteria?

Claim your free zero-obligation 1-hour strategy call to discuss your business challenges and growth goals. 

Here's what Marty's clients are saying....

"A “cut above the rest.” Marty’s style is informative, fun, inclusive and immensely practical.”


“Marty Park has learned a lot on his journey, and makes that super practical wisdom very easy to digest and apply immediately. I could not recommend this book highly enough!”

Lynn McShane, Glenbow Museum

"Our sales increased by 236% in the first three months of working with Marty and implementing his strategies."


"If you need to manage your time more efficiently, attain a higher level of focus and ultimately, achieve greater sales results, then look no further than Marty Park."


"The impact your advice, wisdom, and coaching will have a positive ripple effect on me forever."


"I learned in 3 days what normally would take 6 months to a year of hard slog."


"From day one, I was blown away by how actionable the coaching from Marty was. Immediately, I was able to implement small changes that lead to big changes in how I organized my day, interacted with my colleagues and addressed internal and external deadlines. I was skeptical going into my first session as I didn’t want an advisor that would spend the whole time discussing the theoretical and philosophical aspects of leadership and wasn’t able to bring it back to earth. Marty hit the nail on the head, forcing me to think about the leader I want to be and providing actionable steps to start being that leader TODAY" -

- Maxwell Stanley, Symed

“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to connect with Marty for a discovery call, not really knowing what to expect exactly, I came away feeling emotional and totally able to achieve serious levels of greatness in the not too distant future. Finding the right coach and mentor can do wonders for your business and until now, there's been no one I have gelled within this way before. Someone who I have connected with instantly and who didn't judge me for being open. I have come away with a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities and my offering and a plan for growing my business to meet my short-term goals. If you are yet to say yes to a discovery call, I wouldn't hesitate for another moment as it'll be the best time you have ever invested in yourself. Thank you, Marty, for putting the wind back in my sails.”

- Suzie Parkus


It's time to talk.

I’ve owned 13 of my own companies across 7 different industries in the last 29 years.

Plus, I’ve put in over 23,616 hours coaching 671 high-performance entrepreneurs, just like you! Why not leverage my experience to grow your business?

I am always eager to chat with entrepreneurs about their challenges and growth goals for the upcoming year.