Chemical Sales – The Big Results from this Big Challenge

Starting in December 2016 we started to work with a chemical company. Now maybe you think selling chemicals has got to be pretty easy, but it’s not. Chemicals are often a commodity, very price competitive, hard to differentiate and almost every customer already has a supplier. It makes breaking into any new account very challenging. Our client is also a small player in the market and perhaps perceived as too small to handle larger accounts. The sales team are all young guys where a lot of older clients immediately presume some “whippersnapper” can’t know much about chemical (even though our sales guys have a decade in the business).
So in January we went to work. We looked all a variety of places we needed to improve and fix. Here is the order of what we focused on and tackled:

There were countless other activity we added, learned and refined over the first 5 months of the year. Here were some of the results:

Soft Benefits

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