Real Estate Sales – The Big Results from this Big Challenge

Over the years we have worked with many independent business people – financial planners, insurance agents and both commercial and residential real estate agents. We have taken what has traditionally been a single person business and helped turn them into high functioning teams that sell like crazy! They often have had good product knowledge but next to no sales training or sales knowledge. We have armed them with good sales tools and then helped build the business into a team of capable experts who sell more and earn way more.

As an example is a former client and real estate agent named Dave. Dave was earning about $130-150K a year as a realtor. He was working roughly 50-60 hours a week and was often very busy at all hours of the day – impacting his family life. His goal was to increase his sales so he could bring on another partner or agent to help free up his time.

So Dave engaged me and we went to work. We looked all a variety of places we needed to improve and fix starting in his sales process. Here is a summary of what we focused on and tackled

There were countless other activity we added to their marketing, their image as a business within a business and to the long term relationship creation with clients (building a community around their business). Here were some of the results:

Soft Benefits

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