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Marketing Takes Time, Now What?

Time To Sell


Hi, I’m Marty Park. I’m an serial entrepreneur turned business coach and author. I was inspired to write this ebook by many of the entrepreneurs I’ve coached who struggle with finding time in their busy days to sell. Ensuring a steady flow of sales and cashflow is often the primary source of stress for any entrepreneur. Through the following methods, my clients are able to gain control of their cashflow, drive massive sales numbers and suddenly love their business again! It is a transformation every overworked, stressed out entrepreneur deserves to make.

The knowledge contained in this ebook took me 13 businesses and 29 years of my own entrepreneurial struggles, learning, and innovation to figure out. Since then, I’ve been able to share these strategies with others to help them get exceptional results faster and easier than I ever did. Using my proven methods, I wanted to help struggling business owners solve their dilemmas. In the last 22 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients get results and create stable and profitable businesses they love.

Is This You?

Here’s what no marketing agency tells you when you call on them … all our marketing ideas and solutions are going to take time. Some of it, a LOT of time.

Of course they don’t say that, it would be a lousy sale pitch. Instead they tell you about the new website, the re-branding, the new FB ad campaign or social media they are going to roll out. They present the sizzle.

Here’s the truth …

Good marketing tools and campaigns take time. Time to conceive, time to build, time to launch, and then time to test and adapt. All that before you see steady lead flow.

So what do you do while marketing is in R&D?

You focus on business development. (Previously known as sales but also broader than just traditional “selling”.)

I know, this is the answer no one wants to hear. You want to know that marketing will solve all your lead generation issues. And it might … someday. But not today.

Business development is the heavy lifting of business that gives you a higher level of something we all want – control.

Control over actions, control over volumes, control over outcomes.

Business development is not just sales calls. Business development is ANY activity you and your team can engage in to promote, share or educate people on what you offer.

Business Development includes:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Emails – direct and campaigns
  • Strategic alliances
  • Referral sources
  • Host beneficiary
  • Client education tools and events
  • Prospect and client assessments
  • White papers and authority materials
  • Learning events – webinars, workshops, open houses
  • There’s more, but you get the idea.

All of these are things you can CONTROL and activate this week. We need to be able to start each week with our team and know that we can control a list of activities that will generate new sales, new conversations and new opportunities.

Now a strong business development program includes KPI’s for each method. It involves measuring the results and what’s working best, constantly. It is comparing to see what tactics generates the most result for the least investment of time and money.

Do you have a solid Business Development program? Does it include at least 6-8 tactics and approaches?

This is an area we focus on with every client we have. We know it is the “lynchpin” of good business.

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Let’s go win some business!