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Sales Training Case Study – Real Estate Sales

Real estate agents are business owners too! Download this incredible case study to learn how we helped one real estate agent triple his annual sales, increase referrals, appointments and so much more! For more information on sales training click here. 

Sales Training Case Study- Real Estate Sales

Over the years, we have worked with many professionals like financial planners, insurance agents, and both commercial and residential real estate agents. We take many single-person businesses, and help them grow into high-functioning teams that sell like crazy! Our clients come to us with great product and industry knowledge, but next to no sales training or sales knowledge. 

At Evolve, we empower our clients with effective sales tools and help transform their independent business into a team of successful experts.

Real Estate Client Case - Meet Dave

A former client and real estate agent of ours named Dave was earning about $130-150K a year as a realtor. He was working roughly 50-60 hours a week and was very busy all hours of the day, which impacted his family life. His goal was to increase sales so he could bring on another partner to help free up his time. So, Dave connected with Marty and they went to work. We looked at a number of problems within his business that needed improving, starting at his sales process. 

We created baseline levels of activity each week and started tracking that activity on a consistent weekly basis. It included calls, emails, proposals, client meetings, and listing appointments being held each week.

Before we met, Dave was actually getting a good number of listing appointments each week but closing only a portion of them. So, we went to work on re-vamping his presentation skills and his physical presentation materials so they were different than any other agent. We implemented the Ultimate Sales Call Process, and conversion rates skyrocketed. 

As well, we gathered data on Dave’s performance as an agent and added it to the materials. We also got testimonials and support from clients to use in new listing presentations. We evaluated his closing method and trained him on our exclusive closing technique. As a result, he closed more appointments and listings without doing any more work.

The Sales Training Action Plan

To improve Dave’s workflow, we created a 25-point marketing plan, while most of his competitors were working off a three-to-four-point plan. In addition, we brought him back to prioritizing making sales as the first task of every workday. Plus, we helped Dave get back in the habit of making cold calls, something he had always enjoyed. We re-vamped his proposals to be more effective to read and easier to summarize. We also focused more on traits that distinguished Dave, his growing team, and the service he provided compared to his competitors.

To set Dave apart from others in the real estate industry, we had to think outside the box. So, we created an incredible referral program, driven by a full year of gratitude for clients who worked with Dave. This program alone massively grew his business within two years. We also created new sales questions that went beyond just asking how much they wanted to list their home for. 

We asked them about their idea of great service, their lifestyle goals, the experience they wanted to have, and their perceptions of pricing. We implemented over half of the 9 Secrets to Sales Mastery in the first five months and immediately saw results. Using these tips, Dave was able to conduct more quality meetings, more referrals, and had a better closing rate.

In addition, we re-scripted his cold call approach so that people actually listened and we got more appointments setup for each representative. We learned about personality profiles, risk adversity, and buying styles to see how that was affecting every sales situation. 

This was especially important given that we were selling to couples that often had different profiles for all these decisions influencing characteristics. We added countless activities to their marketing, their image as a business within a business, and to the long-term relationship creation with clients. Our goal was to build a community around their business.

Big Results, More Sales, and High Conversion Rates

At Evolve, we use market research and decades-long knowledge to guarantee significant changes in your business. In Dave’s case, taking a critical look at his sales approach, scripts, and service offerings, we made some changes that brought results. We did our research into his industry and set out to distinguish him among his competitors. Here were some of the results:

Other Benefits

Along with significant changes to Dave’s sales process and team, we also achieved some soft benefits with his new business-reviving sales strategy, including:

For over 20 years, Evolve Business Group has been helping established entrepreneurs and business owners achieve dramatic business goals throughout the USA and Canada. Our proven tactics have been successfully tried and tested in the field. We combine practical techniques with impactful strategies to grow leaders and their companies. If Dave’s results have inspired you, please email bigresults@evolvebusinessgroup.com to book a free consultation today.

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Sales Training Case Study- Real Estate Sales